Study Spaces

The library has several different types of study spaces. All students will be able to find a space that will work for their study needs.

The group study rooms on the 1st floor can be reserved using the group study room reservation form.

Creativity Corner

Collaborative learning space that includes a TV, magnetic whiteboards, & study tables. Watch the video introduction to the Creativity Corner.

Group Study Rooms – 1B19

There are several group study rooms available on the ground and 1st floors. These rooms include: 0B12, 0B13, 1B05, 1B06, 1B07, 1B08, 1B11, 1B12, and 1B19. Group study room available through the room booking system.

Ground Floor Study Carrels

For individuals who wish to study with minimal distractions, the study carrels on the ground floor are available.

Ground Floor Study Carrel

1st Floor Knowledge Bar

Located in a quiet part of the library with power outlets and two computers with Internet connectivity.

1st Floor – Blue Couch

A relaxing and quiet study space located on the 1st floor.

1st floor - blue couch

Student Majlis – Room 0B08

For students who want to study in space that mimics a traditional majlis.

student majlis - room 0B08

2nd Floor Study Space – Room 2B04

Shared study room accessible to both UCLQ and GU-Q students.

1st Floor Study Carrels

For students looking for individual study space in an extra quiet area, the study carrels located on the 1st floor are available for this purpose.

Study Tables with Lighting and Electricity

Located on the ground floor, these study tables allow students to spread out their laptop and study materials. These tables also have lighting and electrical outlets.

Ground Floor Knowledge Bar

Located on the ground floor, the knowledge bar allows students to work and spread out their materials and use the electrical outlets.

Group Study Rooms with Technology

For students who wish to work in groups for two or more, rooms 0B12 & 0B13 can be accessed without a reservation. Rooms 1B05, 1B06, 1B07, & 1B08 require a room reservation.

Study Tables

On the ground floor are several tables that allow students to spread out their laptop and other study materials.

Ground Floor – Blue Couch

A relaxing study space located on the Ground floor near the journals and magazines.

Ground Floor – Seating Area

Relaxing seating near the DVDs and classroom 0B07.